Small brewery near Kameido Tenjin

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Kameido Beer is a small brewery that faces Kuramaebashi-dori next to the entrance gate to Kameido Tenjin. It’s a 13-minute walk from Kameido Station and a 17-minute walk from Kinshicho Station.


[Soubu Line JR Kameido Station] 13 minutes walk from the north exit , or [Sobu Line / Subway Hanzomon Line Kinshicho Station] 17 minutes walk from the north exit


[Sobu Line JR Kameido Station] From the north exit, take the Miyako Bus [ Kusa 24 Asakusajucho] or [Kami 26 Ueno Park bound] 4 minutes by car 2 minutes from the second stop [Kameido Tenjinmae]


Since there is no parking lot, please use the nearby coin parking (Driving drunk is not available for those who drive)


3-4-11 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071

Business Hours

Friday to Sunday + Holiday Monday. Please note that business hours are subject to change.



Kameido Sanpo

“Kameido Beer” is located at the entrance to “Kameido Tenjin”. Kameido Tenjin is a historical shrine that  reveres the god of learning, Michizane Sugawara. It is also called “Hana no Tenjin”, and there are seasonal flower festivals such as the early spring plum festival, the spring wisteria festival, and the autumn chrysanthemum festival. During the Wisteria Festival, night illuminations are also popular.

In the immediate vicinity, the Kameido Katori Shoun Shopping District, which has become famous for its Showa Retro shopping district, the Kameido Katori Shrine, where many top athletes worship as sports gods, and Funabashi, the founder of Kuzumochi founded in the Edo period. There are many unique shops and power spots such as “Yagamedo Tenjinmae Main Store”, “Pumonin” which enshrines Bishamonten, and “Kameido Umeyashiki” with tourist information.

Why don’t you come to “Kameido Beer” for a walk around the shopping streets and shrines and temples in the elegant downtown area along Kuramaebashi-dori ?